About Us

The Making of KeeBee

Keebee means love!

Love from my little one to yours!

Our story is a bit different from what has been a motivating factor for other clothing Brands. 

I, Vandana, a new mom decided to take a break from my career to look after my first daughter after she was born. One fine day she was taught about dreams and aspirations in her playschool. I asked her what she wanted to become. I was expecting the answer to be Astronaut, Teacher, Cop, etc. but she said she wanted to stay at home, like her Dadi and me.

This left me numb for a moment and hit me hard in ways I can’t explain. Since that day, I wanted to set an example for my Little one.

I always wanted the best for my daughter in everything. But one thing withered me, none like the other. I couldn’t find comfortable, cute, and organic clothing for my daughter. Upon searching a lot I found only a few brands when it came down to organic cotton and sadly they weren’t in India then. 

Having an educational background in fashion designing from NIFT, Hyderabad, and FIDM, Los Angeles, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. This led to the birth of Keebee, (2016) which I call my second child — this name holds a special place in my heart because the word “Kee” is the first word uttered by my little one. 

With a clear and simple motive of delivering safe and gentle clothing options for our children intertwined with environmental sustainability, we produce Organic Clothing at Keebee with love! 

Smruti Rao: a steady pillar behind Keebee!

When the corporate job was sucking up Smruti’s motherhood and her toddler’s childhood, Smruti arrived at a decision. The desire for spending time and nurturing her little one demanded freedom of time, thinking of the best place to put her skills and give herself a sense of satisfaction — Keebee emerged as the intersection of all desired things for Smruti, where her work & motherhood found the perfect balance. 

Smruti has been a torchbearer for Keebee. Being friends from college days, it didn't take Smruti much time to understand what I was building and she hopped in for the ride in 2018. Smruti is the name behind all our seamless operations, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Here at Keebee we make clothes for happy babies and a happy Earth :)

Welcome to Keebee family!



Below are the flat lay measurements of the finished garment.

All the measurements are in Inches.

Baby Girl Jabla Dress Size Chart:



8.5 10


9.5 11


10 14


11 17


 Boys Kurtas Size Chart:

0-3M 14 10 8.5 8.5
3-6M 15.5 10.5 9 10
6-12M 16.5 11 9.5 11
1-2Y 18 12 10 12
2-3Y 20 13 10.5 12.5
3-4Y 22 13.5 10.75 13.5
4-5Y 24 14 11 14.5
5-6Y 26 15 12 15


Boys Pajama Size Chart:

 SIZE WAIST(unstretched half waist) LENGTH
0-3M 6.5 12
3-6M 7 14
6-12M 7.5 16
1-2Y 8 17.5
2-3Y 8.5 19.5
3-4Y 9 21.5
4-5Y 9.5 23.5
5-6Y 10 26

JOE Romper Size Chart:



10 14


10.5 15


12 17


Unisex Jabla Size Chart:



9 10


10 11


11 12.5